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We represent a wide variety of mortgage lending platforms. Providing a choice of business models, from retail branches, traditional revenue share branch models, to mini correspondents, we have excellent options to fit your needs and goals.


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  • Scott A.
    Andy was part of our recruiting team at Main Street Financial. He was hard working and dedicated to bring us top talent. Andy was well versed in the mortgage industry and what impressed me the most was how he took care of his hires even after they were on board with Main Street. He was not managing them after the hiring process, but took it upon himself to continue to reach out to his hires and help them any way he could. He was loyal to both Main Street Financial and his pool of recruits. He always was level headed and could work through any issue or problem in a constructive manner without burning bridges. He went above and beyond the norm to source the best talent out there. Scott A.
  • Bill B.
    I would highly recommend Andy. I have worked with Andy for several years. He is highly knowledgable, does what he says and is serious about his business and follow through. He has extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry, net branching and running platforms with multiple branches. I would not hesitate to deal with Andy in any capacity. Bill B.
  • John Doe
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